Tiny Kidz - Age 3 - All Skill Levels Accepted

Mini Kidz - Age 4 - All Skill Levels Accepted

Super Kidz - Kindergarten - All Skill Levels Accepted

Power Kidz - Ages 1st grade & up
All Skill Levels Accepted

Tweenz & Teenz - Ages 10 & up
All Skill Levels Accepted

Boyz Class - Ages 5 - 12
All Skill Levels Accepted
What skills do we expect for each level?

That is a GREAT question!

Every child is different...
and in our gymnastics program, our goal is to create a positive and fun gymnastics experience for all.

Each of our class levels start with a certain skill that we feel can be a guideline
for athletic progress. However, because children develop and learn at different paces, these skills may or may not be required.

Below is a breakdown of class levels and the skills that we commonly associate.

If you feel that your child is not in the correct class, contact us. We'd love to
discuss what would be best for them. 

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Newport Gymnastics Classes

- Exhibition Team - 
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Bronze Level - Ages 5 - 8
Teacher Referral / Evaluation Required
Gold Level - Ages 7 & up
Teacher Referral / Evaluation Required
Silver Level - Ages 7 & up
Teacher Referral / Evaluation Required
Team Development Classes
Available ONLY By Teacher Evaluation or Referral
- Competitive Team - 
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